Wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) is a method of cutting any conductive material, regardless of hardness, using an electrically charged, small diameter wire. The wire can be made to follow any path using our CAD/CAM software.

The wire (usually brass) passes between guides like a bandsaw blade. It may be used only once. As it runs from a spool through the workpiece, it is eroded and reduced in diameter by as much as 1/3. High pressure water is forced through the upper and lower nozzles, which surround the guides. The water blasts through the cut, removing the metal as it is eroded. This system works well, and has the tremendous advantage of keeping the workpiece at a constant temperature allowing for extreme accuracy without changing temper.

Independent control of the upper and lower heads allows for tapers to be cut up to 45 degrees. Cuts can be made using .004 to .012 thick wire and tolerances can be held to + or - .00005. Any material that can carry an electrical current can be cut using a wire EDM including:

Hardened tool steel
High speed steel
Aluminum and alloys



EDM Cutting How EDM Works

How EDM Works  

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