Using the latest in state-of-the-art technology. Our capabilities range from the fastest cutting speeds, the highest level of accuracy and the most precise taper available in the industry today. Focusing on close tolerance production, one part to a million parts is well within our capabilities. Abrasive waterjet machining with pressures up to 50,000 psi enables us to cut almost any material including plastics, glass, rubber, stone, wood, ceramics, and metals with precision. Our Cad-Cam system excepts files in a wide range of formats including (.dwg,.dxf,.iges,.prt,.dgn,.cad). Our support equipment includes a fast hole EDM drill, mills, grinders and lathes. This enables us to design and build our own tooling to increase the efficiency of our machines so we can meet all our customers needs and demands. With our expanded QC department we are comfortably able to meet our customers high expectations for quality.

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